How To Go Long With Your Web Marketing

If you’ve ever done any investing, you’re probably familiarwith the term “going long”. In a nutshell, going long meansinvesting for long-term profits. And it’s probably thesafest, if not surest way to make money in a sometimesvolatile arena, the stock market.

Today I’d like to show you how to apply this powerfulstrategy to your Internet marketing campaign.

As I’m sure you are aware by now,How To Go Long With Your Web Marketing Articles there are a multitude ofways to invest in your Internet marketing. Many of thestrategies will yield immediate results, however the resultswill be short-lived.

An example of a short-term marketing strategy is buyingadvertising. While you DO need to purchase SOME advertising,if you rely solely on this strategy you’ll see a disturbingtrend develop at your site — whenever you advertise less,your site traffic will come to a near stand-still.

Another example of a short-term Internet marketing strategyis bulk email. Here’s why…

When you use bulk email, you blast your message to thousandsof email addresses, filter the myriad of complaints, andhope for a few sales mixed in. There is absolutely nopositive long-term effect on your business. Perhaps you makea few sales but you’ve made zero long-term investment in yourbusiness.

So how does one diversify their Internet marketing portfolioand GO LONG with their promotion strategies?

Perhaps you already know the answer. Let’s test yourknowledge, shall we!

Of the following low-cost Internet marketing strategies,which TWO would have the longest positive resulton your website traffic?

1. bulletin board and newsgroup postings2. search engine ranking3. banner ad buys and exchanges4. building your own opt-in email list5. sharing your web content with others

If you guessed number one, you’re…. Wrong!

If you regularly make INTELLIGENT and HELPFUL posts totargeted bulletin boards and newsgroups, you can generatesome traffic. However most boards purge posts frequently andwith the growing number of boards out there, users rarelytake time to search archives for answers.

If you guessed number two, you’re…. Wrong Again!

Top ten search engine rankings are great, but unless you have time to maintain the listings you’ll find that they can be hard to maintain. While I definitely recommend giving search engine ranking some consideration, especially when setting up a website, this strategy should be consideredmore of a continuing effort than a long-term strategy.

If you guessed number three… you’re… Wrong Again!

As I mentioned at the top of this piece, you DO need topurchase SOME advertising, and banner advertising andexchanges can be a part of that. But if you rely solely onpaid ads, you’ll see less site traffic whenever youradvertising slows.

All in all, items one through three above are good ways topromote your website… IF you have the right components setup at your site. If not, you may be wasting your time andmoney.

The first component you MUST have at your site in order forthose (or any) efforts to pay of is…

Item number 4 from above. An opt-in email list buildingstrategy!

If no. 4 was one of your guesses, you are right on! Growingyour potential client base should always be a priority inANY business. The best way to do this on the web is to growyour own opt-in email list(s). Ask for your website visitorsname and email address and give them something of value inreturn. It is as simple as that. Then treat the growing listlike gold.

So that leaves us with the other correct answer. Numberfive, sharing your web content with others. The mosteffective way I’ve found to do this, is to write about yourarea of expertise and pre-license the content to othereditors and webmasters in your type of business. Thisstrategy is sometimes called “submitting articles”, but itdoesn’t even have to be articles that you share. You canwrite tips, lessons, hints, secrets, or anything that wouldhelp a particular group of people.

Then, not only should you pre-license the material as I’ve done at – but you should also submit the content regularly. That is as simple as emailing your fresh work to webmasters and ezine editors who publish related material. After four years online, this is still my cheapest promotion method (100% free) and by farmy longest lasting.

I can say without reserve that the two strategies above areTHE premium ways to GO LONG with your Internet marketing.How can I make such a bold statement?

Simple. Here’s proof of each:

Last week I was contacted by a subscriber that had been onmy subscriber list for, get this… four years! She hadfinally decided to start her own business and wanted helpfrom someone with a track record of getting results. As oneof my original subscribers I naturally offered her a deepdiscount on my services.

Example two: When I started using my article writing andpre-licensing strategy back in early 1997, I used an addresscalled for new subscribers to receivemy gazette. I used that address for only a short time untilmy website was complete. Now, over three years later, I stillget new subscribe requests to that old address every week. Mycontent from three years ago is still being read. How’s thatfor going long with web marketing!

So in closing, I’d like you to consider the Internetmarketing strategies you are using right now. How many ofthem could be considered “going long”. After all, if youplan to retire or even work less some day, you’ll have toinvest in the future of your website now. And believe me,it’s nice to see the website traffic continue to come in ona regular basis, even when you don’t!